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Famed Conjoined Twins, Dead at Age 5

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The Murphy twins, Shelly Meigh and Sadie Meigh, have died in a horrific accident that took place yesterday afternoon just outside of the twins' own neighborhood grocery store.

Witnesses reported seeing the young girls dart from the grocery store and into traffic around 4:30pm, the reason why still a mystery.

"It appeared as though one of the twins was pulling the other into the road," one witness recalls, "I heard horrible screams, almost demonic.. I looked up and saw the screaming twin being dragged by the other, by the attached heads, just as they entered the roadway in front of an oncoming truck. It was a horrible sight, and it was very obvious that at least one of the twins was killed.. her head... it was just... gone. Their mother had barely gotten out of the grocery store when it happened."

The Murphy twins were most known for their father, eccentric neurologist Dr. Elliot Murphy, who studied and recorded the girls rigorously in an effort to fully understand the true potential of what he dubbed the "double mind".

Dr. Murphy had caused quite a stir amongst both his skeptics and followers alike just three years ago, when he announced that he suspected one of his girls, Shelly Meigh, had "learned to control" her sisters body through the attached brain, and was using that ability to torment her:

Letter 097.a: "Sadie Meigh consistently breaks all of her toys," he wrote. "This has been observed from the day my daughters could first hold objects. It doesn't appear to be Sadie Meigh's desire to break her own toys. She cries immediately when they break, despite it having been a deliberate act in her own two hands. I know it is very possible that Sadie Meigh simply has not mastered the art of playing with toys in an appropriate manner, especially at only age two... but I cannot help but notice that when Sadie Meigh's toys break, Shelly Meigh appears amused, despite not having been physically able to even see the toys break, herself. Now, my wife would say that this theory was a bit of a stretch- that they are just simple babies.. but I have observed this pattern closely for over a year now, and what I am seeing is becoming more and more difficult to ignore.
To state more clearly- It appears Shelly Meigh, being the more dominant 'twin-A', has learned to control 'twin-B' Sadie Meigh's body through the double mind, and is using her ability to torment her sister."

A public vigil for the twins will be held Sunday evening in front of Sunrise Grocery store. It is unclear whether or not the Murphy family will be in attendance, but they ask that the public continue to respect their privacy during this difficult time.

We will continue to follow this story as it unfolds.


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