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ORIGINAL "Hybrid Child #003: Noael" 7x5in

ORIGINAL "Hybrid Child #003: Noael" 7x5in


ORIGINAL "Hybrid Child #003: Noael"


Graphite, charcoal, 24karat gold, and love on bristol.
Noael is a hybrid child of the Holy Arch's Angel Gabrael and the waste demon Arael.. She has Haven's blessing of purity, able to harness her father's angelic essence in its purest form. Unlike waste demons, the hybrid children don't require feasts of wild demons in order to thrive.. however, Noael, having secretly developed a penchant for pungent, rotting energy, discovers her ability to lure wild demons to herself by emanating a pure, angelic frequency. The wild demons fall mesmerized, anticipating a fervent feeding of their own... only to be deviously devoured by their own meal. Noael helps herself to many feasts of their forbidden flesh--with massive consequence. After being rescued and schooled by her siblings, Noael resorts to keeping just a few wild demons close by as "pets"......... (but may actually still be sneaking little snacks when no one is watching...)


❤ Comes FRAMED, as shown in video.

Please use clean, dry hands, and avoid touching the surface of the artwork.. Please advise framers as well...All of my original pieces come with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity. Each piece and corresponding certificate is issued a unique ID number that ties into my own database. This helps to prevent fraudulent copies of any kind from being sold as originals, and is a step toward ensuring that your piece remains a one-of-a-kind treasure for its entire lifetime.

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