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AggroBat Swoops In for Another Victory!

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Our young defender, AggroBat, has wowed his neighborhood once again, in yet another act of heroism.. this time, in his very own home!

"I didn't realize my sleeve was on fire!" Mrs. Menchen laughed as she relived the shocking moment that took place just before breakfast this past Tuesday. "I smelled smoke.. and then all of a sudden, Trenton swooped in and splashed me with his orange juice.. it was only then that I realized my favorite blouse was ruined.."

And if it weren't for AggroBat's quick thinking, Mrs. Menchen would have lost the entire sleeve. A seamstress by trade, she plans to salvage the blouse by shortening the sleeves to mid-length. "I don't do sleeveless!" she laughed, embracing her son, "Thanks to Trenton, I won't have to!"


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